1. Springtime In Napa Valley (by dorameulman)
    Springtime in the beautiful Napa Valley CA after a nice shower. It’s been a dry Winter and the “drought” is of huge concern to wineries so the showers are very welcome. The vines are just coming alive soon they will be putting out more than 3 inches of growth a day. ^_^

  2. London - our Capital City (UK) (by ❀ღ Åηηe J.)

  3. Spring Light (by dorameulman)
    Spring is in full swing here in North Carolina and it’s energized me to get outside and enjoy it. I take great pleasure out of every day finding new growth and life in my back yard. I took this shot from my deck I hope it energizes you. :-)

  4. A Magnificent Spectacle (by dorameulman)
    My Saucer Magnolia in it’s finest hour to bring a little color and sunshine into your Saturday. Happy Springtime from North Carolina. ^_^

  5. Magnolia Soulangia (by dorameulman)
    My Saucer Magnolia is entering the zenith of it’s Spring glory soon it will be a magnificent spectacle. Only problem is it doesn’t last very long so if you snooze you lose and miss it. I captured this pretty bloom after a shower to give you all a Friday flower. ^_^

  6. Mockingbird (by dorameulman)
    This Northern Mockingbird is a year round resident of my back yard. A very amazing bird and one that nearly drove me to drink when we first moved in this house 11 years ago. It would start singing at 3 am every morning, and go on for hours right above my bedroom window. My husband was threatening to take it out with a bee bee gun. He’d never do that but it was maddening. Now I hear them but they don’t keep me awake anymore. ^_^

  7. Sunday Peach (by dorameulman)
    My patio peach looking pretty on a Carolina Spring day. I wish everyone a peachy Sunday. ^_^

  8. Hellow Spring 2014 (by dorameulman)
    My patio peach is blooming. It makes me feel good Spring is here. I hope it makes you feel good too. ^_^

  9. Goodbye Winter (by dorameulman)
    A little chilly again today but at least it’s dry and bright. Goodbye Winter we’re ready for Spring. ^_^

  10. Hi Girls (by dorameulman)

  11. travelthisworld:

    Rue dans la vieux GRASSE

    Provence, France | by jmsatto

  13. Distorted Reflections (by dorameulman)

    Abstract reflections of the Bean in Chicago.

  15. #HappyInternationalWomensDay (by dorameulman)

    To all the wonderful women in the world I hope you have a great day :-)