1. Hello Bailey (by dorameulman)

  2. Hello Stella (by dorameulman)

  3. August in the Carolina’s (by dorameulman)

  4. Cool Water on Flickr.

  5. Summer Wild Flowers (by dorameulman)

  6. A Host Of Coneflowers (by dorameulman)

  7. Dragonfly (by dorameulman)

  8. Summer Coneflowers (by dorameulman)

  9. Caleb (by dorameulman)
    2 years old and very sweet. :-)

  10. Rat Snake & Rabbet (by dorameulman)
    Yesterday I was doing some work in the garden when suddenly this rat snake pounced on a rabbet. Poor little bunny didn’t stand a chance. When I got over the terror and the shock I ran and got my camera. The rabbets little legs where kicking at first but it was a quick and easy kill for the snake. He then proceeded to devour him whole while I stood there snapping away. This is one of the shots. It was a creepy yet awesome experience. :-))

  11. see ya later on Flickr.

    Last shot in this Summertime images at the pool series. I know all you gentleman probably enjoyed them but truth be told I prefer photos of women also. This young woman was a fascinating subject to shoot. :-)

  12. Lifeguard on Flickr.

    This young lady was on high alert to protect swimmers from drowning.

  13. Cool Water on Flickr.

    So good when it’s hot. :-)

  14. High Heels At The Pool on Flickr.

    This lady looked silly to me wearing those ridiculous high heels at the pool. lol :-)

  15. Nice Shot on Flickr.