1. Monarch Butterfly on Flickr.

    I’ve been lamenting all Summer to my long suffering husband Jeff about the lack of butterflies. It’s been a bleak year in general for butterflies in this whole area of NC and that greatly concerns me. Has anybody else noticed this? Then over the past week I started seeing Monarch’s, lots of them and it’s a joy to behold. :-)
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and weekend. :-))

  2. Tranquillity on Flickr.

    I like to come here to Robinwood Lake to be at one with Mother Nature and take photos. It’s privately owned and closed to the public the only access is on foot. No one ever comes here anymore since the owner Slone Robinson was killed in a tragic accident a few years ago. I haven’t seen anyone here in years which suits me fine. One of the most peaceful and tranquil places I know, so don’t tell anyone. :-))

  5. Dogwoods on Flickr.

    These are the dogwood trees at Robinwood Lake laden with delicious berries. Flocks of migrating birds depend on this bounty as they migrate south for the Winter. I’ve photographed these trees in all seasons over the past few years. Dogwoods are perfect trees I love them

  6. Sunset on Flickr.

  7. Farewell September on Flickr.

    Warm but not Summer and not yet Autumn it’s a pleasant time of year. The days are noticeable shorter, kids are back in school and we’re ready for the Autumn explosion of color. It’s ragweed season and that’s miserable for lots of us with seasonal allergies. Farewell September it’s been a good one. :-)

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    A Canine Duo (by dorameulman)

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