1. Caleb (by dorameulman)

  2. Intruder Alert (by dorameulman)

  3. bluepueblo:

    Pastoral, Naunton, Gloucestershire, England

    photo via sherry

  4. (Source: BuzzFeed, via corco)

  5. bluepueblo:

    Congaree National Park, South Carolina

    photo via snoggered

  6. bluepueblo:

    The Highlands, Scotland

    photo via jamala

  7. Happy Easter ^_^ (by dorameulman)

  8. Dogwood Sunset (by dorameulman)
    One of the beautiful Dogwood trees at Robinwood Lake, taken in the late afternoon at golden time. The Dogwood Flower is the State Flower of NC and it’s a spectacle this time of year. ^_^

  9. Spring Color Explosion (by dorameulman)
    Take some time to enjoy the season. Happy hump day. ^_^

  11. Chinatown (by dorameulman)
    Cool wet and windy but still colorful and fun in San Francisco’s Chinatown. ^_^

  12. GODBLESS (by dorameulman)
    A little reminder to be thankful for your health, wealth, family and friends. For there but for the grace of God go I.

  13. Pink Pickup (by dorameulman)
    We’re sitting on a bus, the door opens and there it was. It’s San Francisco where anything goes. What could I do I had to shoot it. ^_^

  14. dorasireland:

    Picture Postcard Ireland (by PM Kelly)

    (via bluezinnia)

  15. San Francisco Forever 21 (by dorameulman)