1. dorameulman:

    A Canine Duo (by dorameulman)

    (via dorasdogs)

  2. Hello Bailey (by dorameulman)

  3. Hello Stella (by dorameulman)

  4. August in the Carolina’s (by dorameulman)

  5. Cool Water on Flickr.

  6. Summer Wild Flowers (by dorameulman)

  7. A Host Of Coneflowers (by dorameulman)

  8. Dragonfly (by dorameulman)

  9. Summer Coneflowers (by dorameulman)

  10. Caleb (by dorameulman)
    2 years old and very sweet. :-)

  11. Rat Snake & Rabbet (by dorameulman)
    Yesterday I was doing some work in the garden when suddenly this rat snake pounced on a rabbet. Poor little bunny didn’t stand a chance. When I got over the terror and the shock I ran and got my camera. The rabbets little legs where kicking at first but it was a quick and easy kill for the snake. He then proceeded to devour him whole while I stood there snapping away. This is one of the shots. It was a creepy yet awesome experience. :-))

  12. see ya later on Flickr.

    Last shot in this Summertime images at the pool series. I know all you gentleman probably enjoyed them but truth be told I prefer photos of women also. This young woman was a fascinating subject to shoot. :-)

  13. Lifeguard on Flickr.

    This young lady was on high alert to protect swimmers from drowning.

  14. Cool Water on Flickr.

    So good when it’s hot. :-)

  15. High Heels At The Pool on Flickr.

    This lady looked silly to me wearing those ridiculous high heels at the pool. lol :-)